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What makes KuCoin attractive?

Kucoin is one of my favorite crypto exchanges. It has almost all the needed features: from fiat to crypto currencies and good lending opportunities.

According to Forbes Advisor KuCoin is awarded (4.1/5.0) as one of the best Crypto Exchanges.

How to stake KuCoin token (KCS)?

Staking coins on KuCoin is a great way for users to make a passive income. Those that hodl more than 6 KCS tokens have the opportunity to earn a daily bonus. Another great benefit of holding KCS is to participate to token sale on KuCoin Spotlight. To be able to participate you need to hold at least 100 KCS. If there is a KuCoin Spotlight you need to subscribe to be able to get the new token.

The amount of tokens is based on the proportional distribution model. It is descibed as follows: “Participants must have an average daily KCS holdings of at least 100 KCS, where their final allocation of the new token is determined by the portion of their average daily KCS holdings against the total average daily KCS holdings by all participating users.” Normally you could make >10 times right after listing the promising coin.

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How do you deposit fiat in KuCoin?

The fiat platform supports Apple Pay, Credit cards, P2P, Third party and SEPA. The latter one is free to deposit. Kucoin has a bank account in Lithuania. By using the Reference Note (linked to you Kucoin account) you could deposit Euro. From Euro you could buy USDT.

Go to Assets > Deposit > Fiat > EUR > SEPA to deposit Euro.

Go to Buy Crypto > Fast Buy > EUR/USDT > from Euro to USDT.

Low withdrawal fee on KuCoin?

KuCoin withdrawal fee is very low. Normally if I send out USDT then I would select the TRX20 chain which cost me only 1 USDT as transfer fee. Off course the deposit address (the receiver) also needs to support TRX20 chain. This is very important! Normally send USDT out through ERC20 chain cost about 35 USDT! Other coins have normal withdrawal fee (no extra fee on top). The withdrawal fee is set to one of the lowest in the crypto industry.

How much are the fees on KuCoin?

The trading fee on KuCoin starts at 0.1%, and it will be reduced as levels increase. You will get further 20% discount if you use <my link>. Others might not offer this or they keep it themself.

KuCoin Price chart

Is KCS token a good investment?

This is really a personal question that I cannot answer. I have added the KCS Price chart so you could check it yourself if it is a good investment.

Good news is that KuCoin keeps burning KCS tokens until 100 million KCS remain.

Is KuCoin Safe?

KuCoin exchange was hacked in Sept 2020. Insurance funds covered the funds stolen during the hack, thus ensuring that customer deposits were unaffected by the incident. Kucoin exchange has learned and has set up a Safeguard Program to make sure it stays safe.

KuCoin_ USDT Lending
Example confirmation screen lending USDT | source:

Does KuCoin have customer support?

Yes, 24/7. I do not have personal experience so I did some reading. Different kind of issues like a deposit issue (you should always check your address and the right chain!), another one has issue about registration (difficult name?). In general, KuCoin has many features. Many of them have a high or very high risk. I do not use them. Always keep your login & password & 2FA safe! If you deposit a coin or token and you are not sure always test it out with a small deposit.

Is it safe to use Crypto Lending on KuCoin?

I have started using it since April 2020 and so far, it works great on USDT. High passive income (>30%) during an up market and normal, about 10% during sideways of BTC movement. After each return, 10% of the profit is deducted to KuCoin and 5% for insurance. For instance, if you have made 100 USDT profit, 85 USDT goes to you. Later I will spend a blog about this topic.

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