How I get started: share my experience

Let me introduce myself. My name is WP and I live in The Netherlands. I was always fascinated in passive income. I started back around 1995 with some money from my parents to buy some dividend stocks. At that time almost every stock went up in price until the Dotcom bubble burst in 2000. Then I have lost interest and went also for a few years aboard.

My interest came back much later in April 2017 while I was enjoying a vacation. I was reading about crypto and saw I had to invest some cryptos. Since then, I only have taken money out, without putting money in. It is a way of passive income and I have to share my experience with you.

Secret of getting ahead is getting started

Why Stablecoins?

The crypto world is very extensive. There are many scams and risks if you do not do this right. I try to minimize the risk. I am not a gamble, but a long-term investor so I do want to maintain my passive income.

One way to do that is by staking stablecoins or lend out stablecoins. These stablecoins like Tether (USDT) or USDC are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars, making it a stablecoin with a price pegged to USD $1.00. Stablecoins are free from the volatility of non-pegged cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Staking stablecoins is a great choice to minimize risk and offer good passive income. This is one of my main focuses when I review a crypto platform.

If you have any questions. Feel free to contact us.